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Product modelling, Research & Development

Zahari is our endless generator of ideas and solutions for innovative products and processes. D-r Petrov is an experienced medical doctor who also takes part in different R&D and scientific projects. His expertise covers the medical and biotechnological aspects of the microalgae and the use of their exceptional qualities for the development of innovative and valuable end-products.


Business relationships and company operations

Niki is the person responsible for the whole company’s smooth running and operations – from the business relations and the trade network development to solving the everyday working challenges. His energy and erudition along with the gathered experience as a manager in the biggest Bulgarian telecom are essential for his successful communication with all the partners, clients and business associates of the company.


Marketing and product development

Rostislav is the strategic thought behind the product marketing and brand development of Alphyca. His exceptional expertise in the pharmaceutical marketing and sales is a great contribution to the company’s top business standards. Rostislav has numerous achievements – at the age of 25 he has been elected as Chairman of the Stara Zagora’s Regional Pharmaceutical Union, he has been awarded “Pharmacist of the year” 2015, while in 2017 he received the prize “The excellence of Menarini” given to the company’s best global representatives.  



Ivaylo is a serial entrepreneur with valuable experience in different business ventures. Ivaylo founded Algae Bulgaria in 2013 and ever since he has been exploring the microalgae potential and the solutions they provide for sustainable future and better life. During the last few years Ivaylo has gathered vast experience in the biotechnological processes and the industrial cultivation of microalgae.


We are passionate about the idea to rediscover nature’s power beyond the limits of today….

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