Fresh Spirulina


Synergistic Live Superfood

  • Pure, raw, natural and unprocessed fresh Spirulina biomass
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • 100% preserved bioactivity “Live Superfood” in its most potent form, no inactivation by processing
  • Synergistic nature – the abundance of valuable nutrients is an interrelated bioactive complex inside the live microalgae cells 
  • Neutral taste and odor, additives free
  • Cultivated under controlled environment in a certified EU farm, pollutants free
  • Maximum freshness guaranteed
  • Made in EU

130g oral paste for direct consumption

Food supplement

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Fresh Spirulina Alphyca® is a food supplement for natural organism support both when maintaining general good health or when facing different health challenges


100% pure, raw, natural and unprocessed fresh Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis) biomass. Additives free, pollutants free, typical allergens free, GMO free, vegan product. 20% dry mass.


Nutritional Facts100 gper usual daily intake - supportive daily dose 20gper maximum daily intake - intensified daily dose 40g
Total fat0,97g0,19g0,38g
- saturates0,59g0.115g0.23g
- sugars0g0g0g

The blue-green microalgae Spirulina are a traditional food supplement for nutritional support of the organism. There is an extensive research regarding their benefits in:


    • immune disbalance, virus, bacterial or fungal infections
    • intensive stress or distress
    • various acute and chronic conditions
    • acute or chronic inflammatory conditions, including allergy
    • oncology challenges, chemo- and radiation therapy
    • frequent use of antibiotics or other anti-infection medications, when immunomodulators or pre-biotics are needed
    • insufficient food intake
    • appetite disregulation, weight management
    • cholesterol, lipid, sugar or other metabolic disbalances
    • functional disorders in different organs and systems
    • oxidative and irradiation stress, photoaging
    • plant based diet - vegan, vegetarian etc.
    • sports nutrition, for maximum oxygen blood capacity, energy and faster recovery
    • detox protocols or dietary regimes for general support of the organism 

One package of Fresh Spirulina Alphyca® contains 130g of fresh microalgae biomass which may be used in different dosing regimes according to the prescribed program or dietary protocol. The suggested usage is to start with an introduction dose of 1 tea spoon (10g), which may be accordingly increased within few days to the usual daily intake  or supportive daily dose of 2 tea spoons (20g). If needed, the usual daily intake may be increased up to the maximum daily intake or intensified daily dose of 4 tea spoons (40g).



Dose regime



1 tea spoon (10g)

Usual, supportive

2 tea spoons (20g)

Maximum, intensified

4 tea spoons (40g) maximum daily dose


The doses may be taken at any time of the day, on an empty stomach, separated or at once, directly or diluted in an appropriate medium - yogurt, lemon water, smoothie etc. 

Additional product information

Fresh Spirulina Alphyca®

Pure, raw, natural and unprocessed fresh Spirulina biomass product - 100% preserved bioactivity “live superfood”.

This unique live nutritional supplement is the richest source of complete and bioavailable plant protein, abundance of antioxidants and vibrant pigments like chlorophyll and phycocyanine, essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, macro and micro-elements.

Fresh Spirulina Alphyca® is a powerful nutritional and bioactive support for the organism – both for maintaining general good health or when facing different health challenges.


  • Richest source of highly bioavailable and complete plant protein
  • Maximally active phycocyanine, chlorophyll and other unique pigments - without inactivation from drying
  • Antioxidants without temperature desactivation
  • PUFA's with no lipid peroxidation from processing
  • Natural and highly effective liquid form of various vitamins
  • Organically integrated within the live cellular structure forms of microelements
  • Synergistic nature and effect of the bioactive ingredients


Fresh Spirulina Alphyca® must be kept cooled in a refrigerator to around 50С. It must be used within 15 days from the production date and not afterwards!


This food supplement is not a replacement for balanced and varied diet.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep away from little children.

Made in Bulgaria by:

Algae Bulgaria LTD. Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Evllogi Georgiev 72, Tel: +359 877991179

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